Saturday, September 6, 2008

Know Your Buyer Experience Cycle

Purchase – How long does it take to find the product you need?
Is the place of purchase attractive and accessible?
How secure is the transaction environment?
How rapidly can you make a purchase?
Delivery – How long does it take to get the product delivered?
How difficult is it to unpack and install the new product?
Do buyer have to arrange delivery themselves? If yes, how costly and difficult is this?
Use – Does the product require training or expert assistance?
Is the product easy to store when not in use?
How effective are the product's features and functions?
Does the product or service deliver far more power r options than required by the average user?
Is it overcharged with bells and whistles?
Supplements – Do you need other products and services to make this product work?
If so how costly are they?
How much time do they take?
How much pain do they cause?
How easy are they to obtain?
Maintenance – Does the product require external maintenance?
How easy is it to maintain and upgrade the product?
How costly is maintenance
Disposal – Does use of the product create waste items?
How easy is it to dispose of the product?
Are there legal environmental issues in disposing of the product safely?
How costly is disposal?

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